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Veneers in Coral Gables, FL from Abadin Dental

An aesthetically pleasing and healthy smile can be achieved with porcelain veneers in Coral Gables, FL from Abadin Dental. We offer comprehensive dental treatments that can take care of worn down, misaligned, or discolored teeth with beautiful, natural-looking porcelain.  Our veneers are custom made to look and feel like your teeth, but enhance the overall look and strength and beauty of your smile.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are tooth-colored shells that cover the front surface of teeth to improve the appearance of your smile. If you have gapped teeth, teeth that are chipped or broken, or are deeply discolored, porcelain veneers are a great way to restore the natural beauty of your smile. Dr. Abadin and his medical staff are meticulous in ensuring that the color and aesthetic of your porcelain veneers meet your expectations. Veneers are a long lasting way to comprehensively improve the aesthetic of your smile and provide excellent advantages for balancing and re-shaping individual teeth for an overall significant change in appearance.

Veneers in Coral Gables

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The Advantages of Porcelain Veneer Treatment

Veneers are able to completely reshape your smile on a tooth-by-tooth basis. Porcelain veneers are designed to look natural and can be made precisely to mimic the sheen and translucency of your real teeth. Veneers are also stain resistant and protect teeth that have small cracks and chips. Made of full porcelain, veneers contain no metal and are a biocompatible, aesthetic treatment for individuals who have metal allergies. At Abadin Dental, our Coral Gables cosmetic dentist offers patients the benefits of selective coloration of their unique veneers for a brighter and whiter smile.

Your individualized treatment plan includes processes to protect your comfort and final treatment outcomes, so you receive a new and healthy smile. Through the use of a computer controlled hand piece that delivers gentle local anesthetic during tooth preparation and treatment planning, we ensure a satisfying experience. Dr. Abadin and his team protect best results by first properly cleaning teeth, confirming that your smile is healthy enough for veneers, and instructing patients on how to care for their new smiles teeth after application of their permanent veneers. With proper oral hygiene care, your newly improved smile will be long lasting and beautiful.  

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Through the use of modern dental care we ensure a stronger, aesthetically pleasing smile to all of our patients at Abadin Dental. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule a consultation regarding what veneers can do for you, please contact our Coral Gables dental office.