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Invisalign® in Coral Gables - Abadin Dental

As an invisalign Elite provider Dr. Abadin is distinguished among the top 5% 
of qualified dentists to provide you with the smile you always wanted.

Patients who wish to straighten their teeth have more treatments available to them than ever before.  If you’re one of the many who are looking for invisible braces to help meet your treatment goals, Invisalign® provides an orthodontic solution that is comfortable and nearly invisible. 

The Advantages of Orthodontic Treatment with Clear Braces


Unlike metal braces, which are made up of brackets that are bonded to teeth and joined together by wires, Invisalign® is a system that is removable, comfortable, and virtually invisible. Because Invisalign® uses smooth, custom-molded plastic trays to move teeth toward better alignment, there are no sharp or bothersome metal appliances to poke gums or scrape the inside of your cheeks.

Patients can take their aligners out during meal times and during routine oral hygiene care. The aligners are easy to keep clean; simply brush the trays gently with a wet tooth brush – no floss threaders or special oral health aides are needed. Our patients love that Invisalign® is easy to incorporate into their everyday lives, and doesn’t give them a mouth full of meta

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Itero 3D Digital Scanning System


With the new Itero 3D Scanning system we can digitally take your dental impressions in just a couple of

minutes. See what your smile would look like with the Itero computer simulated results.

Who is a Candidate for Invisalign®? 

Our Coral Gables Inivsalign® dentist recommends this treatment for just about everyone. Both teens and adults with a variety of dental issues can benefit from this system of clear braces. Treatment is successful at correcting mild to advanced cases of orthodontic problems, which include:

• Tilted or twisted teeth
• Overlapping and crowded teeth
• Gaps between teeth
• Misaligned bite

Invisalign® can even help correct periodontal issues by moving crowded teeth into better position and making them easier to keep clean. Overlapping teeth make the perfect hiding spot for plaque and tartar, but achieving more ideal alignment helps prevent and correct this issue.

As it’s become a more popular and widely-available orthodontic system, Invisalign® is competitive in cost to that of metal braces – making it easier for anyone to take advantage of the benefits of clear braces. Abadin Dental accepts third-party financing, such as CareCredit, most PPO insurance, and even offers in-house payments arrangements to help make the cost of treatment with Invisalign® even easier for patients to manage.

How Do I Get Invisalign® in Coral Gables?

Abadin Dental offers complimentary Invisalign® consultations for patients who are interested in getting clear braces. During your consultation, we’ll take pictures to evaluate your oral health and will inquire about your goals for treatment. At the end of your consultation, we’ll review your treatment plan and can move forward with treatment that same day. 

We use digital impressions to get more information about your smile and bite, which we then send to Invisalign® so they can create your personalized clear alignment trays. The average Invisalign® treatment time is about 7-8 months for mild to moderate cases, but can be close to a year to successfully treat advanced dental issues.

Get a More Beautiful Smile with Clear Braces – Contact Abadin Dental

If you’ve always wanted straight teeth, but hesitated to get metal braces, Dr. Abadin can help you achieve a new smile with clear braces from Invisalign® in Coral Gables, FL.  We welcome patients into our office for their free consultation.