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Coral Gables, FL One-Visit Dentistry with CEREC

When you need a damaged tooth restored, the usual procedure involves impressions with messy dental materials and a waiting period of about two weeks. While this method will provide you with a restoration, there’s a more convenient and efficient way of getting treatment. At Abadin Dental, we employ CEREC 3D CAD/CAM technology for hassle-free, same day dental crowns and other restorations. Our Coral Cables CEREC dentist makes repairing decayed teeth, or replacing missing teeth, a patient-friendly experience.                                                               CEREC Same Day Dentistry in Coral Gables

CEREC for Same-Day Dental Crowns

CEREC, which is an abbreviation for Chair-Side Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, uses several components to help Dr. Abadin and his team create dental crowns in just one visit. These components include 3D imaging software and diamond-coated instruments, which design and mill a crown out of a solid ceramic block in less than two hours.

In addition to tooth-colored dental crowns, CEREC can also create dental bridges, onlays, inlays, and veneers in much less time than you think.  CEREC takes the long turn-around time and the need for temporary dental prosthetics out of your treatment plan.

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Accurate Treatment Planning

The 3D, digital impressions that CEREC produces provide clear pictures of your smile. Unlike traditional dental molds, 3D imaging makes creating your dental crown more precise and accurate.  CEREC is able to virtually create the crown on computer software first, ensure that the planned crown fits with the 3D model of your smile, and then create that crown to exact specifications. The result is a new tooth that is a seamless and comfortable fit for the rest of your smile.

Quick Creation of Durable Dental Restorations

Before and After CerecOur Coral Gables cosmetic dental office helps patients get beautiful new smiles in as little as one appointment. We focus on comfort and superior service, which is why we use CEREC technology. Many patients find that getting standard dental impressions with silicone triggers a gag reflex and is uncomfortable and messy. CEREC uses digital impressions – we take pictures of your smile with a small dental tool, no bulky impression trays needed.

The crowns, veneers, bridges and onlays that we create in-house are made from pure ceramic materials, which are three times as strong as metal-based restorations, as well as more natural-looking. When placing your new dental crown or other restoration, Dr. Abadin makes sure that your new tooth is color-matched to your existing teeth, for the best in cosmetic appeal.  For dental implant patients, CEREC can also make an abutment out of pure ceramic.

Don’t Wait to Get your Dental Crown – We Create New Crowns in One Visit!

If you need a restoration for a decayed or damaged tooth, Abadin Dental provides you with the care you need in a single visit to our office. Our Coral Gables CEREC treatment creates new restorations while you wait. Contact our office to schedule your visit for one-appointment dental crowns.